Scientific Schools of the “Scientific, analytical and ecological devices and systems” department

Ph.D., professor Dashkovs’kyj Alexander Anastasiyovych – one of the founders of creation the Department of “Scientific, analytical and ecological devices and systems’’ at the National Technical University of Ukraine “KPI”, has worked at the Department of SAEDS since 1989. A specialist in the field of automated gas analytical systems. Author of more than 100 inventions. Chairman of the Board, director of the Ukrainian Institute of Analytical Instrument (“Ukranalit”). Under his leadership experts SRI analytical instrumentation involving scientists department (HP’s. District. Assoc. Moszkowski LT, Cand. Assoc. Myndyuka YL, Cand. Assoc . Maistrenko VM) developed, protected by patents of Ukraine and commercially available devices to control major pollutants: NO, NO2, SO2, O3, CO, CO2, NH3, CH4, H2S. The photo shows a serial automatic portable multi-gas analyzer 603 EH 01-3M, designed to monitor air along highways, industrial sites and technological areas.


Ph.D., Associate Professor

Dashkovs’kyj Alexander Anastasiyovych


Automatic portable multi-gas analyzer

603 ЭХ 01-3М

Specifications of gas analyzer 603 EH 01-3M



carbon monoxide

1.8 – 100 mg/m3

nitrogen dioxide

0.6 – 15 mg/m3

Sulfur Dioxide

0.8 – 20 mg/m3

Scientific School of PhD. Prymiskyi Vladislav Philipovich (“Honoured inventor of Ukraine”) for the Ministry of Emergencies of Ukraine and Kyiv City State Administration has established mobile laboratory of environmental control, designed for rapid analysis of the environment metropolis. The station provides control of air pollution, water pollution control parameters in the Dnieper river and other waters, control of soil pollution, radiation monitoring of the environment and so on.


Ph.D., Associate Professor,
Honoured inventor of Ukraine
Prymiskyi Vladislav Philipovich

Мобыльна лабораторія

Mobile laboratory of environmental control

Since 2005 year the professor Petrenko Serhij Fedorovych – founder of national nanomehanotronik`s school, has worked at the department of SAEDS, there are over 100 patents which belong to this school, including patents of the USA, Russia, by which developments of world level protected.

Volodymyr Petrovych Maslov, the Honoured Inventor of Ukraine, has been working at the Department of SAEDS since 2010. His assets compose of over than 300 patents for inventions. Academic interests cover development and research of the new engineering and technology solutions for electro-optical equipment.


Doctor of Engineering Science, Professor, the Honoured Inventor of Ukraine

Volodymyr Petrovych Maslov


Monoblock laser gyro with the use of inventions of V.P. Maslov

 Рідкокрісталичний дісплей

A liquid crystal display, patented by V.P. Maslov and Yu.V. Kolomzarov, was composed of the glass-ceramic material with zero coefficient of thermal expansion and a transparent film heater, allowing to operate at the ambient temperature at down to minus 600 C°.

A scientific field “Television Information and Measurement Systems” was set up by Volodymyr Andriyovych Poryev, the Founder and Professor, in Ukraine, in 1989. O.O. Sergyeyev, the Candidate of Engineering Sciences, G.M. Zgurovskyy, the Candidate of Engineering Sciences, I.V. Boyko, the Engineer, and M.O. Markin, the Candidate of Engineering Sciences, have been fruitfully working in such a scientific field.

Today, there is the National Scholar School of Television Pyrometry (theory and practice of high temperature measurement by the television information and measuring systems).


Doctor of Engineering Science, Professor

Volodymyr Andriyovych Poryev


Ph.D. in Engineering SciencesMaksym Oleksandrovych Markin

Representatives of the Scientific Television Pyrometry School participated in implementation of the project “Development of scientific and technological principles of obtaining unique materials in space and creation of the specialized technological equipment” within the framework of the National Space Program of Ukraine “International orbital station-2”, during which a unique technology of zone cleaning of the semiconductor silicon was designed and implemented and an experimental device for control over the temperature field on a surface of the liquid phase was created at the Paton Welding Institute under the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Зонна плавка

General technical specifications (spectral range, sensitivity, separating capacity and sampling time) for the devices designed according to the project methodology, shall meet the same specifications of the leading products: Stratonics, Inc. (USA) – Series ThermaViz, Mikron Instruments (USA) – Series PyroVision.

The Department has developed the television equipment for an express-control over bacterial contamination of milk and for meat products to be tested for trichinosis and recommended the equipment for serial production within the framework of the National Program “Manufacture of Machinery and Equipment for Agriculture, Food and Processing Industry”. Devices are simple and easy-to-use according to an expert’s opinion and provide the highly reliable control. An experimental model of the unit for the express-control over the bacterial contamination of milk is present in a Museum of the NTUU “KPI”.

Телевізійний мікроскоп

The scientific improvements of L.P. Medyanyy, the Senior Lecturer, who has been working at the Department since its foundation date, should be creation of an original electro-optical and two-dimensional angle transformer for the static, cryogenic and dynamic gyroscopic devices. A transformer’s sensitivity level does not exceed 0,5I within the working range +/- 1800I.


Leonid Pylypovych Medyanyy

Перетворювач кута

Electro-optical two-dimensional angle transformer

Scientific achievements of the Department are made by the selfless work of the entire Department’s staff, namely M.L. Kazakevich, the Senior Lecturer and Candidate of Engineering Sciences, V.S. Kovtun, the Senior Lecturer, I.V. Morozova, the Senior Lecturer, V.V. Traskovskyy, the Candidate of Engineering Sciences and Docent, L.A. Taraborkin, the Docent, L.P. Pochekaylova, the Senior Lecturer, and O.M. Markina, the PG student.