Speciality of the “Scientific, analytical and ecological Instruments and systems” are education and profession in industry of planning and exploitation of devices and systems of analysis of gaseous, liquid and hard substances for:

– mining, metallurgical, energy-generating, oil-processing, chemical, food, agrarian industry;

– ecological establishments, that control the pollution of environment by industrial and agrarian enterprises, transport vehicles; determine the possible concentrations of harmful and explosive substances for providing the life safety; control the processes of water quality and preparation;

-medical establishments, where the parameters of biological and physiology processes are measured.

Conceptions of preparation of specialists foresee the combination of sufficient theoretical bases and necessary practical skills and oriented to provide the real prospects of application of the gained knowledge in modern terms.

In the name of department an accent is done on the constantly growing global problem of ecology, that, in turn, without delay requires a considerable increase amounts of specialists, that develop and exploit the devices of the ecological monitoring. A requirement in such devices and specialists is conditioned also by the certain legislative acts of Ukraine (for example, by laws ” About the guard of environment “, “About the guard of atmospheric air” etc.). As these laws are worked out taking into account the “European vector” in development of Ukraine, then obviously, that reference-points on the labour-market of Ukraine match the structure of the European labour-market, where an instrument-making for the ecological monitoring is one of priorities of countries of EU

Effective educational-scientific activity of department is provided by an active collaboration with the row of leading enterprises of industry, among that the special place occupies “Ukranalyt” joint-stock COMPANY, which is the base of educational and basic training practice and real place of employment.

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