Dear scholars!

Institute of scientific prediction State University “Lublin University of Technology” (Lublin, Poland), Department of social and political sciences Vinnytsia National Technical University, Department of Economics of the Lviv Academy of Commerce, Department of Philosophy and Social Sciences Chernivtsi Trade and Economic Institute of Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics, Khmelnytsky cooperative trade and economic University, Institute of Advertising Association “Analitykum” TSMNS “TK Meganom” informs tion you that from 16 to 18 May 2017 held the XIII International Scientific Internet Conference “Science and Life: current trends, integration into the world scientific thought planned work in areas (see below).

Organizing committee plans to post the report on Web-page at: 

The results of the conference will be published collections of materials.

The collection will be included in the database Scientometrics “Russian scientific citation index” ( “RINTS SCIENCE INDEX»).

Conference languages: Ukrainian, Russian and English.

Deadline for papers – until 15 May 2017.

The cost of publishing the collection for participants from Ukraine are:

7 p. – 250 UAH., 8 p. – 270 UAH. and so on. d. (20 UAH. for each additional page)

Payment of the registration fee for participants from Ukraine sent: the p / 26003052747067 PJSC CB “PrivatBank”, m. Kyiv, MFO 300711, OKPO 2766510047, recipient PE Victoria A. Savchenko. Payment: fee. Excluding VAT.

WARNING!!! In connection with the inclusion conference proceedings TO INTERNATIONAL scientometric databases changed conditions and requirements for the materials !!! For more information on registration here:  requirements for registration

Materials to be sent via email. To e-mail: must be sent:

1. The text of the article with all the requirements for registration.
More specifically, the site link ( Requirements for registration

2. Application of a separate file (name (in full), place of work or study, country, city Ukrainian, Russian and English languages, phone, e-mail, position, rank, scientific degree, if any). Address and zip code of the recipient to send the collected materials.
The sample application site link
( Requirements for registration )

3. scanned copy of the payment of the fee. (File pdf, png or jpg)

Files should be named for the pattern Stattya_Petrenko, Zayavka_Petrenko, Chek_Petrenko.

In one scientific work sent to one (1) copy of it to the address stated in the registration form. For more collections must pay the cost of 57 USD for each additional copy of what is required in the receipt that is sent. The request additional copies ordered in advance.Collection of materials sent to the address, two weeks after the conference.


MNIK Organizing Committee of “Science and Life: current trends, integration into the global scientific opinion”

TSMNS “TK Meganom”

02192, Kiev m -. 192, A / 82.

Telephone: 044-525-62-99; 067-737-15-61


WARNING! Work with color drawings will not be accepted !!!

TEXTS typed 1.0 spaced not accepted !!!


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